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India's Parliamentary Journey: Reflecting on 75 Years of Democracy

Niti Post - September 18, 2023

As India commemorates the 75 years of its parliamentary journey, Prime Minister Modi delivered a poignant speech, bidding farewell to the historic Parliament House before its transition to a new facility. In his address, he eloquently reflected upon the inspirational moments in the nation's history and the transformative role this building has played since its days as the Imperial Legislative Council during British rule to its current status as the symbol of India's democratic journey.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the foreign origins of the decision to construct this iconic building while emphasizing that the sweat, hard work, and financial contributions of Indian citizens played a crucial role in its creation. He stressed that the transition to a new building does not diminish the significance of the old one, as it will continue to inspire future generations and showcase how democracy thrives in India's veins.

Throughout his speech, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the remarkable democratic traditions and processes that have evolved over the 75 years of India's parliamentary history. He celebrated the active contributions of every individual who has served in this revered institution, witnessing its proceedings and shaping the nation's destiny.

Amidst his reflections, Prime Minister Modi applauded India's recent achievements, such as the successful Chandrayaan-3 mission, which symbolizes the nation's prowess in modernity, science, and technology. He extended his heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to the dedicated scientists behind this accomplishment.

The Prime Minister also highlighted significant moments in India's history that took place within the hallowed walls of this Parliament House, including hosting the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit and the recent success of the G-20. These events serve as testaments to India's strength and unity on the global stage.

Addressing skepticism towards India, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the country's strength lies in its people and the unanimous support it garnered from the world community. He reiterated the importance of India's culture and the mantra of "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas" (Together with all, development for all) resonating globally.

Saying farewell to the Parliament House was an emotional moment for all present, akin to leaving an old home for a new one. The Prime Minister acknowledged the collective memories, both bitter and sweet, forged over 75 years within these walls. He expressed nostalgia for the conflicts and celebrations that have shaped post-independence India, united by shared memories and collective pride.

Prime Minister Modi recounted his own humble beginnings, entering this building as a child from a modest background, and bowing his head in reverence at the doors of this "temple of democracy." He expressed profound gratitude for the respect, blessings, and love he received from the nation during his remarkable journey.

The historic Parliament House has witnessed India's transformative journey. Pre-independence, leaders like Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel laid the foundation for the world's largest democracy. Post-independence, stalwarts like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam played pivotal roles.

Leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri initiated the Green Revolution, and this very house supported Bangladesh's liberation movement. Crucial decisions, including "One Nation, One Tax" (GST) and "One Rank, One Pension" (OROP), were made here, reflecting India's diverse democracy.

The Prime Minister concluded his speech by referencing the inscription at the entrance of the Parliament House, which advocates opening the doors to the public and witnessing how they exercise their rights. He celebrated the inclusivity of India's Parliament, where representatives from all sections of society, with diverse backgrounds, actively participate in shaping the nation's destiny. He also acknowledged the contributions of women Members of Parliament in elevating the dignity of the institution.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on the occasion of India's Parliament House's 75th anniversary was a heartfelt tribute to a place steeped in history, democracy, and the spirit of the nation. It celebrated the achievements, challenges, and enduring unity that have characterized India's democratic journey within the walls of this iconic building.



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